Achieving wellness in a fast paced world seems often times more difficult than we expect. It takes awareness, time and energy to become more aligned with the things we desire. By turning our attention to the areas of our lives where we can achieve more wellness, we begin to attain peace of mind, happiness and fulfillment. And furthermore, when we dedicate ourselves to practicing daily rituals, recognizing our habits and focusing on energy that circulates in and out of our lives, we can enhance the connection we have to our highest selves!

The 7 Steps To Achieve Wellness


1. Make A Luxurious Sleep Your Number One Priority – Your Rest Is Your Most Important Self-Love Act!

Sleep affects us in a lot of ways including our mental health, ability to fight off sickness and, the most common, our management of stress. Lack of sleep has been associated with high blood pressure, heart problems and reducing mental alertness. It also affects glucose levels, endocrine function and hormone production. Known to increase levels of cortisone, a hormone that, in high levels, can lead to many age-related problems, diseases and even overeating! Lack of sleep can effect so many areas of our lives, and yet, it seems to be the least important factor on our list when thinking about improving our lives. Focus on getting to bed early and rising early in the morning. You will be surprised at how fast your life is enhanced when you put energy into having a more luxurious sleep! Read more on this topic in our blog post, Your Sleep Has Value!

2. Meditate For The Love Of It – Set Your Intentions For The Day!

Meditate, set intentions for the day and think of something that you want more off but already have! For example, “I’m grateful for all the money and abundance in my life, and I look forward to more flowing in!” Remember, you’ll attract what you focus on! If finding time for meditation is challenging for you, add a 3-minute break simply to breathe consciously through your nose, reflect and feel. Allow yourself to feel all of the emotions that come up for you. Don’t be afraid to feel emotions like anger, fear or sadness. All emotions are natural and shouldn’t be labeled as good and bad. They all serve us as a lesson to learn or motivate us to take action. For example anger could inspire you to speak up and set healthy boundaries in your life. Afterwards, have a positive mantra like: “I’m strong. I can heal my wounds by allowing them to surface within me”.

3. Choose The Healthier Food Option – Nourish Your Body!

Achieving WellnessDon’t just have a meal, nourish your body. Choose more of a whole food, plant based diet that gives you clarity, energy and lasting vitality. Vegetables, grains and legumes are rich in micronutrients and packed with antioxidants that fight disease, alkalize your body, and slow the aging process down. Add superfoods that are known for being nutrient-dense like spirulina, kelp salt, hemp heart seeds, nutritional yeast, kombucha and Himalayan Salt sole. Be your own detective and allow your intuition to guide you to the foods that your body really needs. Focus on how you want to feel after each meal and use this as motivation for eating more foods that can help you to achieve those goals! There are many ways to listen to your body’s needs, and you can learn to understand them better by reading 5 Ways Your Body Cries Out For Help by Kris Carr, who inspired me to become vegan. A quick and effective mantra to use can be, “I eat to nourish and to energize. The food that I fuel my body with helps me to achieve wellness and health!”


4. Stop Rushing – Take Your Time & Trust That You’re Doing The Best You Can!

Rushing is a habit and a limiting belief that is based at the core of a stressful life. We live in a world that encourages a fast paced and high-stress life in order to accomplish success and productivity. This fact is simply in disharmony with our truth. It’s time to be mindful! So, become more aware, present and grounded. Let go of multitasking and focus on one thing at a time until you finish it. Little breaks throughout your day can help recharge your brain and even improve your productivity. Creating habits like these, not only lead to wellness, but a more successful life!

Use one of these mantras when you catch yourself rushing. Try it for a week and see how much more productive life becomes when you don’t rush, and instead, trust that you are achieving your goals on time!

  • “I have plenty of time to get everything done.”
  • “I am focused, determined and productive.”
  • “I am very comfortable taking my time in all that I think, say and do.”

5. Dissolve The Habit Of Struggle – Frustration Is Draining Your Vitality

Struggle is a mindset that can often times be the road block that keeps us from living a more fruitful life. Instead of reacting in the same frustrating way over and over, take a step back and try something new. If you’re exhausted, let yourself rest and get the sleep you need. As you cultivate a more relaxed attitude, you prepare yourself for success and a more conscious lifestyle. Many of us were taught that we can only fulfill our dreams through relentless effort and an epic battle against obstacles- this could not be more untrue. Has someone in your life ever told you, “You have to work hard to be successful.”? While determination and focus are valuable qualities, struggle is a sign that you’re expending needless energy and keeping yourself stuck. When you’re exhausted and stressed, you miss opportunities because your attention is scattered or focused on negative outcomes and you end up making decisions from a desperate space. If you feel yourself reacting from a desperate or uninspired place, add more mindfulness into your daily routine, slow down, stop overcommitting and leave space for emptiness. This will help you to start reacting from a loving space that focuses on solutions that serve you and people around you. You can get more ideas on what to do when you feel stuck by reading my other blog post, “I Feel Stuck In My Life.”

6. Invest Your Time In The People Who Inspire You – Feeling Connected And Understood Is Key To A Healthy Life

Human beings by nature are very social. Since the beginning, we have gathered together in groups and communities- our survival and productivity depends largely on our ability to live and work as one. Because of this, connectedness is deeply etched into our genetics, psychology and behavior. Social isolation can lead to physical and mental disharmony. On the other hand, feeling connected does wonders for your emotions and outlook on life. Surrounding yourself with a circle of love will enhance your ability to cope with stress and illness. So, focus on establishing positive relationships that bring you growth where you can express yourself freely and authentically. Be aware of people who drain your energy: energetic vampires or narcissists. Don’t feed them with your attention- set strong boundaries and disconnect completely if needed. If you are not able to do that, seek help and support.

7. Have A Reason To Live – Do What Brings You Joy And The Sense Of Effortless Flow: Dance, Write, Paint, Get Creative!

Add activities that fill you with joy and the sense of effortless flow. You should feel as though you are your own creator! Dance, write, paint, read a book, workout… your soul wants to grow and create. When you’re feeling centered and calm, you’re open to creativity, inspiration and serendipity. Instead of trying to force things to happen, realize that everything you need comes naturally to you. The world’s great innovators, athletes and other high-achievers have described this state as “being in the flow.” It is a state of expanded awareness that allows you to move effortlessly in the direction of your highest purpose. Adequate exercise is one of the most important tools in enhancing mental and physical health. When you find yourself caught up in mental struggle, often the best thing you can do is take a break and refresh your mind, body and spirit by moving! Leave your desk and go for a walk outdoors, letting the movement and sensory revive you. Even just ten minutes of brisk walking can reinvigorate you and open the doors to fresh insight.

Everybody needs a reminder every once in awhile to shift their focus back to themselves. It’s so easy to get caught up in our daily routines and forget to give attention to what really matters – our well being. Often times, the answer is simple. You just need to realign yourself with habits that will set you up for success and allow you to thrive and live your best life. By doing things like practicing self-love, getting a better nights rest, being creative, focusing on positive mantras and investing your time in people who inspire you, you are able to rebuild the foundation that will lead to lasting wellness. So allow yourself time to breathe and to re-center your priorities to match up with your desires! 






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