Meet Aleksandra Eifler

Loves: me time, dancing, yoga, writing, reading, tea, coffee, being surrounded by friends, being surrounded by strangers, being outside, palm trees, plant-powered food & lifestyle

Aleksandra Eifler, creator of Vita Infuse Yourself With Life™, has a passion for transformation through awareness and compassionate mindset. Her mission is to ignite self-discovery and raise consciousness. She encourages others to trust their intuitive intelligence. Aleksandra empowers lifestyle changes that will help shift away from unhealthy and self-destructive habits to sustainable ones for lasting health and happiness. Aleksandra’s coaching is fused with empowering mantras as a powerful tool to counter daily stress. She deeply cares about health, nutrition, and wellbeing. She strives to promote plant-powered food, cruelty- & toxic-free products. She encourages self-love and unites community.

Her Transformational Coaching, online programs, and teachings have helped many happiness-seeking entrepreneurs and healers who are looking to align with their innate power by addressing their limiting beliefs, mindset, confidence, fear, vision, and plan for success.

Her awakening from a life filled with fear, shyness, and limitation began when she suffered from chronic back pain, skin diseases, and depression living a life feeling empty without a voice or a sense of purpose. Her first step into her next chapter was training with Bala Vinyasa Yoga to become a yoga instructor in 2012. Shortly she fell in love with meditation which deepened greatly after she became Reiki Master and found her own unique way to inner peace and wholeness. She completed Transformational Leadership Training with Baron Baptiste and her Mastery of Empowered Leadership with Green Monkey along with many other certifications.

She couldn’t deny anymore her passion for coaching and being a leader for her community. She studied Life Coaching with Matthew Mitch and Health Coaching with Institute for Integrative Nutrition. With her education as an accountant career coaching came naturally.

Aleksandra has traveled all over the world but found her home in Naples and Miami in Florida with her handsome son.


To create an inspiring environment for those seeking to align with their innate power to live a vibrant, passionate, abundant, and meaningful life. We commit to lift spirits and transform the world to be cruelty-free for all beings.


I’m beautiful and intelligent. I’m the ultimate in perfection. I impact lives.

Vita Logo

VITA means LIFE in Italian and DESIRE in Sanskrit

Our logo features the SEED OF LIFE and refers to the creation of life. It symbolizes the knowledge and unconditional love the SOUL has to offer from its very core, where we are all ONE. This is the very blueprint of the Universe from which we were all created and as we come to that realization, we are all healed.

I Love Vita

  • Aleksandra is amazing. She is a gifted coach and her intuitive, sensitive listening skills have support me through a difficult time in my life. She helped me grow into a woman who is embracing what she really wants in her life. I highly recommend Aleksandra as a life and health coach. Everyone sees the difference it brought to my life.


  • I was lucky enough to find this zen garden in Midtown Miami... first I fell in love with the yoga teachers and then I was inspired by Aleksandra as a life coach. She found ways to find out things about me that I didn't even know myself and then helped me build on those and get me on the path to success. Whether you're looking for a yoga studio or a little community of peace check out Vita... the only regret you'll have is that it took you so long to find it!

    Alisha Kellermann

  • Aleksandra is one of the most inspirational yoga teachers I have ever met. Not only is she a beautiful compassionate loving teacher helping people with yoga, she understands the deeper causes for health that manifest with yoga. Yoga along with a plant-based diet will save body, mind, and spirit as well as has the power to save our planet. I am looking forward to seeing Vita Infuse Yourself With Life™ spread in our world.

    Christine Sperber

  • Since meeting Aleksandra, I have had a bounty of motivation and feeling of community. Through her business, Vita Infuse Yourself With Life, she provides coaching for your passions, health, business, and spirituality. It is a gift to find someone so pure and supportive. I can be raw self without feeling any judgement but only encouragement. Vita Infuse Yourself With Life coaching is helping me build the kind of confidence and leadership I never realized I could achieve!

    Lucy McKee

  • Gifted Coach
  • Zen Garden in Midtown Miami
  • Inspirational Yoga
  • Supported By A Community


 INFUSE YOUR BRAND — Voice Your Essence


INFUSE YOUR TRIBE — Positive Tribe


INFUSE YOUR SOUL — Reflect, Release, & Recharge

INFUSE YOUR BODY — Natural Movement

INFUSE YOUR VITALITY — Food as Nourishment



That well-being is multi-dimensional and includes physical, mental, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects.


Transparency and knowledge about food and well-being & expand people’s thinking around nutrition.


Individually appropriate, enjoyable, life-enhancing physical activity.


For growth and support on one’s path to Self-Realization by uplifting with meditation, breath work, energy healing, and Kirtan.


That all beings are completely good and innocent and deserve love and abundant life.


By co-creating with the tribe & building the perfect company for each other.



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