SHOULD YOU Stay A Solo-Entrepreneur Or ARE YOU Ready To Hire A Team?

If someone asked me today what I’m most grateful for, it would be having a team of leaders.

I couldn’t be happier to have three absolutely incredible team members: Aly my Content Manager, Vanessa my Marketing Manager, and Andrea my VA.

The decision to hire my first employee was one of the scariest steps I’ve had to face while building my brand. Hiring an employee is not as easy as hiring a contractor for a one-time project. I found these scary questions kept coming to mind while I weighed the decision on hiring my first employee:

  • Can my brand support this ongoing salary?
  • Will I have enough things for my team to work on?
  • How will I know who is the right person?
  • How can I make sure my team likes the work we do?
  • How can I make sure they remain committed, challenged, and engaged over time?


It can be very intimidating when you make the decision to hire. You may have your own set of scary questions that keep coming to mind. But if you’re experiencing doubt, here are some signs that it’s time to expand:

  1. This first one seems very obvious, but here it is: if you have more clients than you can handle or if you’re bringing in other freelancers so often that it feels like they’re employees. If you’re in this situation, it may be time to hire your first employee.

  2. Clients are asking you to do things that are just outside of your expertise.This happened to me when almost all of my coaching and accounting clients asked me questions about branding and marketing. I identified new sources of potential revenue streams and now we, as a team, are offering branding and social media services. If you’re alone, you have limited resources and no room to grow.


  3. Your customers are complaining. Great customer service can double your revenue. Customer complaints are hard to take, but I invite you to embrace them. If your customers are complaining, it means they haven’t left yet. Out of 26 unhappy customers, only 1 will complain. The remaining 25 will just leave without saying anything. You still have a chance to address these complaints and keep their business, but you need to act quickly. There are a variety of reasons a customer may be upset, and if you don’t take these complaints seriously, customers will think you don’t care about them.

Here are some examples of why a customer may complain:

  • Low-quality product or service
  • Poor customer service
  • Not well designed or not user-friendly website
  • Long wait times
  1. You need someone with a specific skill set. It is simply impossible to do all the things well as one person. You might wish you had an expert by your side who can do the things you dislike or you’re just not good at. For example, if you don’t know how to implement SEO, you may hire an SEO expert. Yes, you might think that you could learn a new skill or improve your existing ones, but do you have time to do that? Learning a new skill is great, but it may not be the most efficient use of your time.


  2. You can’t find any time for a break or a vacation. Taking a vacation not only improves your productivity but also protects you from burnout or even worse consequences. Don’t underestimate the importance of clearing your mind for the sake of your creativity.

You work hard.

You deserve time off.

You need enough sleep.

Sleep has many many values and certainly a huge impact on your happiness. For those of you in desperate need of a vacation or more sleep, it may be time to hire an employee.

  1. Your company isn’t growing. If your daily operations are preventing you from creating and implementing a growth strategy, hiring an employee can help free up some of your time to focus on growth.
  • How long has your company been in business?
  • How much have you grown since inception?
  • Are you meeting your projected forecasts?
  • Are you all caught up with all the technology innovations?

7. You have an entrepreneurial vision for your brand. What was your motivation to become an entrepreneur in the first place? Maybe it was the freedom or the opportunity to build something on your own. Or because you have a brilliant idea to do something in a better way or solve a problem. These are the same things that drive people to launch businesses. Once you’ve had success as a freelancer, launching a startup might seem like the next step. If so, it’s time to start planning and preparing yourself to move forward. Of course, this takes some time, effort, and requires planning.

Read my 7 Start-Up Accounting Tips For Entrepreneurs article to help you get started on the right foot!


In my journey scaling up my brand, I came across a few pointers that helped me making a decision to hire. Here are some tips for clearing doubting thoughts:

  1. You’ll never truly feel ready to hire someone, there will always be questions and fear. However, if you’re serious about scaling up your business, this is definitely your best bet! Treat hiring as an investment.
  2. You should hire someone with the goal in mind to free up your time to focus on other revenue-generating tasks.
  3. Embrace remote working, it’s very attractive for more people these days, they love their freedom and save gas money and you save on rent money for an office.
  4. If hiring an employee seems too overwhelming, start outsourcing to a contractor first. Then move to part-time employee. Then full-time. There is no need to rush the process.
  5. By building a team of skilled professionals that can bring their unique talents to your brand, you can better serve your clients needs. You don’t have to worry about contractor availability once you’ve gotten your own team.
  6. You may not have time to accomplish your success goals if you’re too busy with the mundane tasks of your day-to-day operations.



To create a successful team culture you want to prioritize three things:

  1. Creating a good work environment by having the same futuristic vision.
  2. Compensating and treating people well.
  3. Offering opportunities for growth.

As a leader, make it a point to understand each team member’s career goals. Then do what you can to provide opportunities for them to develop towards those goals.

My team and I are connected by having the same sense of purpose and meaning for what we do. What we do and our values matter to us so much that we are willing to give all we’ve got to our projects. We thrive to have a culture whereby each team member/leader uses her full potential and collectively we leverage our creativity and the desire to make a difference in our lives and the world. We even have Team Masterminds where we support each other’s growth.

My team is definitely being challenged to work independently, we all work from home remotely. I’m a Virgo, and to be creative and efficient I need to be organized and so does my team. We value strategy and planning a lot.

Giving and receiving constructive and helpful feedback we do on daily basis with love.

Communication is our priority and we have two apps to do that well, which we will explore in a future post. Make sure you opt into our newsletter to be notified of future posts!


If you truly want to scale your brand, hiring a team is a must in my opinion.

It takes an investment in a team and creating systems that can scale an organization into something bigger than yourself. 

Read my 7 Start-Up Accounting Tips For Entrepreneurs article to help you plan for your first employee!

Sure, in the beginning you might be the only employee of your company, and you might even have a part-time job during a portion of this journey.

True growth happens when you start focusing on eventually produce revenue without you working so much in the company but rather on the brand.

Entrepreneurs work with tenacity and intention, they are leaders with a strong vision, and at the core, their work is about solving problems.

True entrepreneurs are scale masters, job creators, and freedom generators.

Mantra: I will embrace change and creativity. I welcome growth.



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