INFUSE YOUR BRAND — Voice Your Essence

This article is part of a series exploring Vita’s 7 Pillars. Today’s theme reflects our final pillar, Pillar 7: INFUSE YOUR BRAND — Voice Your Essence. You can read about Pillar 6: INFUSE YOUR ESSENCE – Know Your Purpose.

You are the voice behind your brand. You are the reason clients return. You are your brand. It’s time to take your power back and make your life a success, which for many of my clients and myself means discovering how to live at our highest potential.

Living at my highest potential meant for me claiming my life’s purpose by giving it a voice in the form of a personal brand. Each person comes to this planet to fulfill a purpose, and as part of your growth and evolution over time, it’s important for you to voice your purpose, without fear or hesitation. If you’re holding yourself back and struggling to allow your authenticity to shine, your brand will feel inauthentic to your clients. Your ideas and values matter and if fear is blocking you from full expression, it’s time to face it. Let’s dive in to how.


How do you voice your personal brand? How do we infuse our brand and ideas? How do we show authenticity? Many of us struggle with this in today’s superficial and often fake world. Even established brands struggle from time to time to maintaining their truth.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” — DALE CARNEGIE

To unblock fear, you can start by simply allowing all experiences and writing your ideas down. As Jim Rohn powerfully says “The same wall that keeps out disappointment keeps out happiness.” Open your doors and windows to happiness! Keep noticing where are you a victim of avoidance trap or procrastination. Fear might be the reason for both.


You don’t have to open a business to be able to express your ideas. You can simply start sharing about them or even better using social media to voice your creative ideas and connect with like-minded people! Today, it’s easier than ever to build a platform for you to be of influence online for free! And if you’re shy to the point where posting pictures of yourself is uncomfortable, trust me I understand.

I’ve been there myself.

You can overcome this, you don’t have to label yourself as shy for the rest of your life. In fact I encourage you to recognize and embrace your shy nature and then step outside your comfort zone. Post that picture of yourself. There is nothing more rewarding than overcoming a huge fear of yours.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.” ― Martha Graham

I am so proud of myself to be in a space where I am now able to give speaking engagements because I know how much inner work I had to do. I know how much fear I had to overcome. However, if you switch your focus to remembering that your message deserves to be expressed, the mission to share your voice becomes bigger than you.

THE 10 STEPS to infusing your brand

If you’re ready to step into your leadership and overcome your fear, here are few of my tips about approaching branding your message:

  1. Build your platform. Create a platform where your tribe will get to: Know you. Like you. Trust you. Your platform and posts should strive to evoke an emotional response in which your tribe could relate to you. Read more about types of platforms in number 6.


  2. Hone in on your voice. Write with a casual vibe and conversational feel. Share some of your life and create a “voice” for your company that reflects your brand. Up-level your caption and remove fluff. Humanize more. People don’t buy information. People buy results. What is your brand story? Share it powerfully. Your platform should be an invitation for people to see your expertise with tasteful selections for selling.


  3. Brand personality. What are the top 3 words that describe your business’ brand personality? Watch for words that spark excitement. For me, it was infuse and life. Now the name of my brand is Vita (meaning Life in Italian) and my logo is the Seed of Life (a reminder of the beginning of life where we are all one). My 7 pillars start with Infuse.

    When you’ve picked your words, think of a name, write down your brand message or mission statement, and develop a powerful tagline. For your brand’s name, you could use just your name, which I highly recommend. In case you change your direction you don’t have to rebrand and start from scratch.
    1. Select your brand colors. To keep your brand image consistent, think about two or three colors that will become your brand colors. Research the meaning of colors. Additionally, bring these colors into each platform, including social media. If you use an editing platform, such as Lightroom, try to maintain a similar style and use similar filters.
    1. Form your identity with a logo. Get a great logo but keep it simple. Your logo is a powerful thing. Build an identity others can connect to, and your logo is often the first thing many people see for your brand. Keep it clutter free and impactful.
    1. Visibility is key. Make yourself consistently visible. Your website won’t be enough for people to find you. Either add a blog, YouTube, or other social media channel. Keep in mind that people use the Internet (and all Social Networks) for mainly two reasons: Entertainment and Information.

    In the case of Facebook & Instagram these platforms tend to be used mainly for entertainment. Pinterest is considered a search engine and the followers are looking for more information and are more ready to buy.

    Maybe you want to write a book. Look for opportunities to be interviewed for a podcast, magazine, or TV. Choose something that you can commit to and be consistent. It’s much better to start with only one or two things than being overwhelmed soon and give up completely. Aim for quality rather than quantity.

    1. Focus on building your email list. Social media is absolutely great to connect to your audience but you do not own it, while you do own your email list, so building an email list should be your main focus. Also people who are on your email list are most likely your biggest fans and potential clients. You will be asked for a media kit of your brand, which should include your email list statistics, when you start creating events and collaborations. Start by sending a simple newsletter, then move forward by creating something that you can serve your audience with (an irresistible freebie) and start collecting email addresses.
    1. Less is more: Create quality, intention, purpose driven posts. Each post should have a purpose in your feed (call to action). Your call to action could be: comment, tag a friend, tag three friends below who might need this message, like this item, who you wish you were with, follow the link in my bio to: check out my blog, snag my freebie, see the new items in the shop etc. I think you’re getting the picture now. After posting stay and engage with your audience. Don’t post and ghost!
    1. Strategize & delegate. Design templates and create brand standards for your marketing materials. Work smarter. Outsource the things you don’t like to do. Create a team as soon as you can, even if you start with someone just helping for a few hours.
    1. Show up for yourself. Building a brand takes a lot of effort, passion, time, and money. At some point when the brand is stronger and has a good foundation, it should make enough money for you to thrive, but until that point it can feel like an expensive hobby.

    Focusing on making money is a powerful tool to grow your business and for you to get more out of your comfort zone. Maybe you need to be out there more and this pushes you to do so. I see many passionate brand creators don’t make money their priority which shows that there is an abundance block and fear that need to be addressed. In that case you want to keep going and dig deeper and unfortunately I see many giving up.

    Bonus Step: Live your truth! In our previous blog post, we provide you with actionable steps to getting your voice out there and recognizing that you matter. Being an entrepreneur means being flexible and adapting through customer feedback, but remain rigid to persevere on your vision. Whatever happens, stay true to your brand.



    • From 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your brand? With 1 being not satisfied, and 10 being very satisfied.
    • Why did you choose this value?
    • If you choose less than 10, which area do you feel needs the most growth?
    • What do you know you should be doing that you’re not already doing?
    • Is fear the reason for it?



I noticed that success often means you have to show up when no one else is watching and expand yourself to be a leader for yourself, your team, and your company or community.

Success may also mean that you must motivate yourself to show up. This does not mean we need to hustle and struggle through our mission, I believe in working smarter not harder.

Wherever you are, you’ll have to give it all you’ve got. Same way, an average person can’t earn a black belt. You can’t be average and become a master of something. At some point, you’ve got to be above average, either in your level of commitment, discipline, routine, or your habits. Going the extra mile and going against the grain has got to become the norm.

Mantra: My voice matters.



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