Passion may be the most misunderstood word there is. It’s often used to describe the path to success. However, when building a successful career or business, following your passion does not guarantee success or wealth, even if you are great at what you do. People make major mistakes when trying to find their passion and live their passion.

If you’re questioning your path of passion and purpose you want in life, you may fall into one of three categories:

  1. You’re having trouble figuring it out what your passion is.
  2. You think you know your passion or you have too many, but you aren’t completely sure you’re on the right track.
  3. You’ve already found your passion or purpose, but now you haven’t been able to make good money with it.

Be clear in which category you are and be aware of the 5 biggest myths about living your life with passion:

Myths about passionDo What You Love, And The Money Will Follow

You may have heard this saying before. Or you may have heard the opposite: “You Won’t Make Any Money Following Your Passion” or “Passion Is All It Takes to Create Success.” All of these statements are simply wrong.

Passion doesn’t always fuel success.

The technical work of a business, and the business that does that technical work, are two totally different things.

    Follow Your True Passion And You Will Never Doubt Yourself

    Deciding to pursue a passion should include a well-thought-out plan, but just because you make a plan and decide to engage in your passion doesn’t mean you will be free from doubt and fear. In fact, taking risks increases uncertainty and gives doubt and fear more of an opportunity to arise. Know that it’s totally normal to experience moments of doubt as you follow your passion. Create a practice that helps you deal with this. Find a support group, hire a coach, or commit to a daily meditation practice.

    Once You Follow Your Passion, You Will Be Happy

    My best advice to you here is that you stop putting off your happiness. Simply don’t make the mistake of telling yourself “I will be happy once I __________.” I even would go further and say, don’t focus too much on happiness. Instead find joy in the simplicity of life, in the beauty that nature has to offer, and in the small meaningful moments with the people in your life right NOW. Also following your passion can be way more deeply rewarding.

    You Can’t Be A Passionate Leader Because You Are an Introvert

    Introverts are often misunderstood and undervalued in our mostly extroverted workplaces and cultures. However, I’m here to tell you the good news. Many people who enjoy quiet, are shy, and introverted (including myself!) are powerful leaders. They have a futuristic vision, are creative, inspire with their passion and values, and transform the world for the better! So be shy and be a leader

    Myths about passion

    Once You’ll Find Your Passion You’ll have the Sense: “I Arrived”

    We assume that once we find our passion the work will be done. The truth is that following your passion is a journey and there is no real destination. The passion path is one that unfolds each day with a new you and a new world. Know that the passion path leads you to a place of constant change, where you never stay in the same place for too long! After finding my passion for yoga I thought that this going to be it for me but I still found myself having other desires. Today I know that yoga just opened the door for me to become a coach and to write.

    Take Action: Write down three items you’re passionate about, then write down how they each serve your purpose, bring you joy, and how they evolved. 


    I hope the myths about living your passion bring you closer to clarity and knowing that living your life while having a sense of purpose is not only more rewarding but truly brings healing and growth to you.

    Mantra: I don’t question my desires or my passions. I welcome them as they arise. I embrace change and growth.



    If you are interested in exploring leadership further, I encourage you to join me in my free workshop, Leaders Create Leaders: Infuse Your Life & Brand. We’ll teach you how to stay motivated as a LEADER and we’ll discuss common myths about living your passion. Additionally, you’ll go deeper within during guided Reiki-infused meditation focused on releasing any abundance blockages and limiting beliefs. Prepare to leave this workshop feeling blissful and pumped up to conquer your current challenges. Sign up today here: Leaders Create Leaders, Infuse Your Life & Brand


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