There is an old saying, “The only thing constant in life is change.” Yet, more and more people today, are feeling ‘stuck’. Are you asking yourself questions like:

  • Should I leave my relationship?
  • Can I change my career path?
  • Do I move my home base?
  • How can I let go of what is no longer serving me?

The feeling of being stuck is triggered when you don’t have a healthy relationship with the way your life is unfolding in front of you. You think you should be something or somewhere you’re not.

If you relate to this, you’re in luck! There is still time to regain control of your life.

To change your surroundings and shift the circumstances around you, you need to first make changes from within. All it takes is a little practice and patience. Use the following steps as a blueprint to help you make the changes you seek. This will eventually build a strong foundation on the inside for living the life you aspire on the outside.

1. Practice Self-Awareness

The majority of “who” we are has been developed over time by our reactions to our surroundings. To have a conscious understanding of our present selves, it is not surprising that we need to look at one another. Those around you are a reflection of yourself – whether you like it or not. “Inspiration” starts with admiration and is a guiding force for motivation. In simpler words, what you truly admire in another is often what motivates you to improve. Similarly, what you don’t like about someone is also often a part of yourself that you dislike, try to avoid, or simply pretend does not exist. Meditation is a valuable practice to master the art of self-awareness and daily affirmation.

2. Your Mind Will Trick You. Your Body Knows.

All the emotions you feel (or hide from) are manifested and shown throughout your body’s chemistry. Muscle tension, headaches, nausea, and fatigue, are all ways your body is telling you about subconscious tribulations. Like any problem you face, the first step to finding a solution starts with recognizing it.

3. Challenge Your Mindset

Negative Mantras:

  • “I don’t know what to do”
  • “I don’t know if I can do this”
  • “I don’t have the money or time”

You may be filled with inner-conflict and self-judgement – and that is ok. But be aware that these thoughts are your mind’s manifestations of fear, negativity, assumptions, and limiting beliefs (and dare I say it – EXCUSES). Limiting thoughts restrict you from seeing all of your possibilities and potential. So, what do you do? Replace your thoughts with positive mantras.

Positive Mantras:

  • “I am ENOUGH”
  • “I GOT THIS”
  • “I don’t have to know it all yet, I will figure it out as I go”

When you find yourself thinking negatively, acknowledge these thoughts and make the conscious choice to turn them into positive ones. Even if the words may feel like empty air, know that your thoughts are very powerful and will manifest into reality.

4. Avoid Indecisiveness

Being indecisive is a result of living in doubt or fear. It may seem hard to make a decision or take responsibility for your actions and you often end up being a victim of external circumstances. Well, it’s time to be your own boss! Start by setting simple goals and then move to the more important ones. It’s time to hold yourself accountable for what you want and how you’re going to go about doing so.

5. Stop Procrastinating

Are you struggling with delaying or avoiding important issues or tasks? Have you wondered why you do this? 
If you look at the bigger picture, we humans have an intrinsic tendency to care more about our present selves and not enough about our future selves. We procrastinate because our mind wants immediate gratification. Personal goals that don’t have a due date – like losing weight or ending a toxic relationship – therefore take a backseat for an indefinite period of time. Pangs of guilt, followed by denial or distractions complete this vicious cycle. One way to break your procrastination, is to visualize the benefits that your future self will enjoy! For instance, visualize what your life will be like if you lose 30 pounds. Make small decisions every day that will build towards your “big picture” goals. And trust me, this sort thing has a kind of a muscle memory that will turn into a positive habit. It will only get easier with time and practice. The results of living the life you once visualized will be worth it!

6. Seek Guidance

Find what it is you want to do, and go do it.
 Sounds easier said than done right? It’s really not! Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and take action. If you don’t know how to do so, find people who do. Be it a mentor or a support group, find people that inspire you and allow you to be your authentic self. Surround yourself with like-minded people who believe in you. Your journey towards not feeling ‘stuck’ anymore means you will live your life to its greatest potential and in turn, uplift those around you.

7. Embody, Empower & Live Your Life’s Purpose

It takes a lot of self-worth to give yourself the power to take control. Once you take responsibility for your life, you will be answerable to yourself. For that, it is important to discover who you really are. Each soul has come to Earth with a mission to make an impact on this planet; yours is no exception. Claim your life’s purpose, even if you don’t know what it is yet. It all starts with simply accepting the fact that you do have a purpose.

In a nutshell, “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting”. A transformation in awareness is not a linear process, so naturally, you will find yourself going back and forth. On worse days, you may even feel you are back in the stagnant hole again. What’s important is how you use the power of self-love to bounce back!

Repeat to yourself: “I am not a victim of my circumstances. I value my ability to create what I want in my life.” Take charge of the small day-to-day decisions in life, and the bigger ones will follow. It’s time to tap into the innate power that is lying within you and infuse yourself with passionate life!

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